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Using Todoist to stay productive in the lockdown

With most of us in the UK under a national lockdown, many of you might be finding it hard to stay focussed or organised with your work. Some of you may have seen Chris Hadfield’s video explaining how to cope in self-isolation. One of his tips for coping is to give yourself a routine. As astronauts follow a routine checklist, a to-do list can really help to make your lockdown more productive.

When I first started my LPC, information about assignments and tutorials/SGSs seemed to be all over their intranet. After discovering an app called Todoist, I was able to keep track of all my tasks in one place.

In this post, I’ll highlight some of the features of Todoist which I have found to be most useful. If you’re struggling with organising your work, then give Todoist a try.

(If you’re into making pen and paper to-do lists instead, I’d recommend getting a nice soft leather backed notebook like this)

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What is Todoist?

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Todoist is a multi-platform app which is essentially a to-do list. There are several features in the free version of the app which I found to be sufficient for my use. Whilst many people think of a to-do list as a pen and paper activity, Todoist aids the process in several ways which I’ll outline in this post.

Todoist Project View

Schedule and organise tasks

Todoist allows you to set a due date for each of your tasks. This makes it easy to see at a glance what needs to be completed soon. Another useful feature is the dedicated tab which shows you all the tasks which need to be completed in the next 7 days. This often gives me a good overview of how busy my week is likely to be.

Inbox view - Todoist

You can also organise your tasks into different projects. This allows you to physically separate different modules/courses etc. Additionally, you can set sub-tasks within a group. This means you can break down your to-do list into more bite-sized, manageable chunks.

Priority filters

As with all good to-do lists, prioritising tasks is an important feature. With Todoist, you can set different priorities for each of your tasks. Todoist will then colour code them accordingly. You can then also sort your to-do list by priority to easily see which tasks need to be tackled first.

Todoist 7-day view

Sync with Google Calendar

One of my favourite features of Todoist is that you can sync your to-do list with Google Calendar. I use Google Calendar to organise all of my events and university timetable. This feature allows me to see much more clearly how my tasks fit in with the rest of my schedule.

Sync across your devices

If you’re switching between using your phone and laptop, it’s always comforting to know that your to-do list will be updated across all of your devices. Todoist has a mobile app, desktop app and a web app for all of your needs.

This means you can still reach your to-do list when you’re using university computers in the library. Perfect for when you’ve run out of battery on your phone or left your laptop back at home.

Bonus feature – Themes!

Another nice touch feature of Todoist is the ability to pick a theme and have it sync across all your devices. Whilst this doesn’t directly affect your productivity, it definitely makes using the app mor enjoyable!

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