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LPC: Business Law and Practice – Company procedure flowchart

During the LPC, I used draw.io to create Business Law and Practice (BLP) flowcharts. The company procedure flowchart below summarises the main provisions and steps which need to be taken in relation to the topics on the module.

As I’ve mentioned previously, flowcharts have been an effective way of helping me to revise LPC content. They were particularly useful for revising the LPC core modules which are based on legal procedure. The flowchart format helps to put each topic in perspective and provides a little more structure to your answers. It also helps act as a checklist to ensure that you have covered all the possible relevant points in your answer.

Navigating the flowchart

Most of the content of the Business Law and Practice (BLP) module can be put into the context of a company procedure plan. My BLP company procedure flowchart revolves around the structure of the ‘GM Sandwich’:

Board Meeting 1 –> General Meeting –> Board Meeting 2

On the left-most entries (green), you have the basic steps/key issues which will arise including:

  • Who calls?
  • Notice
  • Quorum
  • Agenda
  • Voting

The question with the most amount of marks in the BLP exam will require you to make a procedure plan. If you consider all of the steps listed above, you will gain many of the possible marks.

Flowing from each of these key steps are the relevant Companies Act 2006 sections and a brief explanation of their role. When answering BLP questions, it is useful to know which part of this flowchart you are dealing with. By going through each relevant step, you should be able to consider each point that is required in your answer.

You might also find this flowchart useful for tabbing up and highlighting your permitted materials. Because each issue is grouped together, you can use this flowchart as a checklist to make sure you know where each section is located.

As a side note, be aware that this flowchart simply contains the bare bones to your answer. It is mainly as a guide to structure your answer and make you more aware of how each topic fits in with the wider company procedure. Flowcharts are most effective when you combine them with your own knowledge.

Remember, many of the marks are awarded for application. This flowchart tells you the law, but you need to be able to apply this to the fact pattern in the exam.

BLP Company Procedure Flowchart

Feel free to view, download and share this company procedure flowchart. If there’s anything that you think should be added/improved/changed then feel free let us know!

If you would like us to share more of these flowcharts, leave a comment down below!

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